Help with Page Rules to NOT cache non-html files

Hi Everyone,

I keep on getting violation emails from Cloudflare stating that I am caching non-html files. As a result, I set up a few page rules to avoid any problems.

Here they are:

Screen Shot 2020-07-23 at 11.09.44 PM

Since setting up my page rules^, I still receive emails saying I am caching non-html files, and I am being pitched Cloudflare Stream as a solution. All I wish to do , is to not cache ANY files from my website, and simply use Cloudflare DNS to mask my IP in order to prevent it from being attacked.

I recently switched servers after a heavy DoS attack, and I am trying to secure my website without relying on Cloudflare Stream.

The issue here won’t be caching related, you’ll rather be in violation of point 2.8 of the terms of services and even disabling caching won’t fix that. Regardless of the explanation is, the problem is not caching but the data transfer.

As Cloudflare already suggested Stream, it would seem you are transferring lots of media data, in which case you either unproxy that hostname altogether (hence going around Cloudflare) or sign up for Stream. As long you proxy your account will get suspended.

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