Help with page rule to disable CloudFlare on a specific path


I do not know much about CloudFlare but I used it to make my sites much faster.
Currently I have a problem because in the hosting in addition to the website we have a hosted APP. The APP has stopped working once we have activated CloudFlare.
The developer of the APP indicates that we must make an exception in CloudFlare so that the APP returns again to be accessible without problems.
For this, what I did was create a rule in CloudFlare, but I do not know if it is created wrong or is not running.
I repeat what I need is that CloudFlare omits a URL specifically from the website.

I appreciate if someone can help me.


The setting you chose disables Cloudflare applications.

Thats probably not what you want. You’d need to clarify with your developer what you should configure at this point, respectively explain here what you mean by “omit a URL”.


Hi Sandro. thanks for answering.
What I want is that a folder and its subfolders are not covered by CloudFlare services.
The rest of the server if I require it with CloudFlare.
It is to make an exception of the service only in one folder.


What exactly do you mean by “not covered”? You cant have certain directories being routed through Cloudflare and others not. Cloudflare is host-based, you could only create a sub domain which doesnt go through Cloudflare.


What kind of app are you talking about? If it doesn’t require a direct connection you issues could be caused by some of the fancy stuff CloudFlare does. For example you can’t use Nextcloud with Rocket Loader enabled as it makes the login page unusable.


I can only suggest you to remove this picture(or ask some admin) as now if someone will want to attack your site they will know which patch is not protected, I don’t know if its good idea to do so in the first place but if you does it at least don’t tell the attacker which of the paths are not protected


Thanks Boynet2 for your suggestion, I already deleted the post image.


The App to which I refer is an App that is published on IOS and Android.
The APP works well until you activate CloudFlare to the hosting account. Currently the App does allow entry but the content is not accessible.


So we are not talking about a web application but a “proper” application?!

That would not be connected to your Cloudflare account though. As I said initially the best thing would be to clarify with your developer what he actually meant you should do and what the problem is.

A possible scenario might be that your application runs into Cloudflare’s security challenges and cant proceed because of that. In that case you could disable security for the particular path used by the application for calling into your website (which is what I presume it does).


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