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Hello everybody,

I have my site installed in CloudFlare as I was experimenting very slow pageload. Unfortunately, this has not been resolved and I still find pageload problems. My site can load as slow as 9s. It is created with WordPress

Before posting this query I made a diagnosis at Diagnostic Center | Check SSL and Test Website Security | Cloudflare for my site, and diagnosis results were:

Check DS record configuration RESOLVE ISSUE# Check site speed (TTFB) ERROR FOUND

Regarding DS record configuration I have done this with the help of my Hosting Provider

Regarding TTFB I don´t know if I should implement instructions provided at Customize cache · Cloudflare Cache docs Main reason is I have no idea of coding. And most importantly, is that I have Woocommerce running. Also Restricted Content, Members Areas with Pages Access Restrictions. These should be protected and never open to public. So, as far as I understand this , none of those should be catched.

Even when diagnosis only remarks those 2 points above-mentioned, I wonder whether there are still any set of rules that I should implement in CloudFlare. In this case, I don´t know how to implement CloudFlare rules.

From CloudFlare forums, I learned that I should double-check if my sites are statically and dynamically cachable. I also read “Try disabling CF Auto Minify of HTML, CSS, JS and purge CF cache”

Again, here my concern is Woocommerce, Page Access REstrictions and Members Areas and my complete ignorance regarding coding .

Within the forums I also learned about some interesting free WP plugins that could be helpful . They are: Autoptimize Asset CleanUp: Page Speed Booster , Clearfy, , “Wp-sweep”
I mention them here to learn if they will actually be of help. In case any of these are preferred over the other or should any of them conflict with CloudFlare and I should discard it please let me know so I can make a good decision. Of course, In case there are better resources, please let me know.

I also learned about WP Cloudflare Super Page Cache. Again, I don´t know if I should use this plugin too.

I would so much appreciate your advice as I have no knowledge of any technical procedures and may be I am messing things up here.

Thank you so much in advance


WooCommerce requires pretty fast hosting. Cloudflare APO can help speed up the site…until someone begins shopping. At that point, all page loads have to come from your server. CSS/JS/Images can still come from Cloudflare cache, but that’s not what’s slowing your site down.

p.s. You can ignore the DS warnings. That’s only for DNSSEC, which has nothing to do with site speed.


Thank you for your reply!!

Please notice that the pages where I have page-load problems are not precisely Woocommerce Product Pages but the homepage and others like

I appreciate the screenshot and the CloudFlare APO mention, However I wouldn´t know how to manage this. Will any of those plugins that I´ve mentioned be of help? Autoptimize, WP Cloudflare Super Page Cache???

Thank you

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