Help with new domain name setup, using redirecting

Hi, I setup redirecting for my domain name but, its not working.

And how do you think anyone could provide any response with that level of information?

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Please provide what info you need

Apart from the first posting in this forum clearly laying that out, what do you think could be useful?

I need help to setup my domain name to redirect. I did set it up but, it is not working. I maybe not setting it up right and need guidance - if you can please help me

Yeah, that is clear, but with the information you provided it is impossible to say anything.

Also, did you use the search?

Do I need to setup DNS if I’m using redirecting?

Yes, the tutorial is clear on that.

I was able to add a CNAME but, not a A record because it asks for an IP address. Where do I get this IP address?

As mentioned, the tutorial is clear on that.

which tutorial? do you not know the answer to my question?

The one you just linked yourself.


Listen I’m new to all this can you please be a little more helpful

If you are new I would recommend to read the forum guidelines and to use the search.

ok can you just answer some questions, maybe I can figure it out. When you buy a domain name from Cloudflare are you suppose to get an IP address for your DNS to setup?

No, Cloudflare does not provide IP addresses (apart from the automatically assigned proxy ones). Anything IP address related needs to be provided by your host.

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I don’t want to host a webpage, I’m trying to setup just having a domain name and redirecting to any site

Yeah, that is clear, you still need DNS entries of course. And the tutorial you already found and linked has that information anyhow.

I don’t see the tutorial where is it?

Help with new domain name setup, using redirecting - #14 by sandro