Help with nameservers

Why does this happen ?

:wave: @pun6sn,

Sorry your question is unclear. Cloudflare is a DNS based proxy service. When you add a zone to Cloudflare you need to update your name servers at your registrar to take advantage of the service.

The only thing this screenshot shows is that you added your zone to Cloudflare. Why that happened would be because you added it…

— OG

… oh, well why are the nameservers the same? … it really helps if you use words to describe a problem. Did you add and remove the zone from your account perhaps? You’d need to include more than a screenshot for anyone in the forums to have any chance of helping to debug.

You had misspelled
You had instead of

But you seem to have fixed that already:

$ dig +short NS

*It took me a while to realize it. :joy:

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