Help with nameservers on x10hosting

I have a domain purchased on Hostinger, and it is pointing to the cloudfare nameservers, and the webpage is hosted on x10hosting, but I can’t park the domain on x10hosting because the domain is not pointing x10hosting nameservers. What can I do?

If that service requires you to point your nameservers to their’s you can’t use Cloudflare. Otherwise simply add the appropriate IP addresses to your DNS settings on Cloudflare and you are good to go.

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Should that be a “can’t”?

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It never said anything else :wink: :sunglasses:

The “can” that wasn’t there

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Now it seems I am just talking to myself :frowning_face: :crazy_face:

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You got there quick enough that it doesn’t record the edit!! :joy:

I resurrected it!!

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I’ve used the CloudFare DNS options to point to the x10hosting server, but I’m not able to park the domain on x10hosting. Maybe there is something wrong. Here’s a screenshot of the configuration.

The first two type A are pointing to x10hosting IP nameservers.

A records cant point to nameservers but they need to point to the webserver.

And if I delete the A records and just let the NS pointing to the x10hosting nameservers, I will be able to park the domain?

That I cant say, but in that case the domain wouldnt be on Cloudflare and if that X10 offers parking you’ll be able to do that :man_shrugging:

Ok, thank you for your time and help. I’m going to try to do so.

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