Help with Linking Clickfunnels and Cloudflare

I have recently been running into an issue with integrating Cloudflare with Clickfunnels. I have fully created my funnel, I have purchased and added my Domain to Clickfunnels. But when I tried to do a test run of the page before launching it, I ran into an issue where only the first page of the funnel would show and after trying to go any further it would show an error message. I talked to clickfunnels support for multiple hours and haven’t been able to resolve this. They ended up telling me to remove the domain from my account and then try re-adding it and when I did that I got A message saying I need a CNAME record to link it, but I already made one of these yesterday, If anyone has any sort of information of any kind they could give me on linking Cloudflair to Clickfunnels that would be extrememly helpful and much appreciated. I’ve been working on this for almost 12 hours and it seems like I’m running in circles!

Your screenshot didn’t make it through.

Could you post the hostname (subdomain + domain) where you’re having this issue?