Help with getting Cloudflare up and running

Hi thanks in advance.


The Wordpress website is hosted by Bluehost. Domain is with Bluehost also.

I enabled Cloudflare from the Bluehost settings. I created an account at Cloudflare. I copied the two DNS from Cloudflare and entered them via Bluehost settings, replacing the Bluehost DNS.

All seemed to go ok. Cloudflare website was showing active. Then i lost connection. Website unavailable. Wordpress unavailable. Logged in to Bluehost and was prompted with a message saying due to the change of DNS can’t access Bluehost serivces.

I temp changed the DNS back to the Bluehost ones and it all worked again after few minutes.

I think i am missing a step? After changing the DNS settings to Cloudflare ones, i think i must do something with DS entries or something? Help!

Thank you for your time.

My guess is you had “too many redirects” which is fixed by setting your SSL/TLS setting to
“Full (strict)” here…

You’d need to go back to Cloudflare nameservers so it’s possible to see what happens if it’s not that.


Thanks. I’ve changed to the Cloudflare DNS again and enabled FULL. Will see what happens!

Just confirming this appears to have resolved the problem. Thank you.

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