Help with fixing 404 error when redirecting to HTTPS

Hello guys, I have an app deployed with Heroku with a custom domain name. I am using Cloudflare for an SSL certificate, and I have enabled a rule to proxy HTTP requests to HTTPS. However, it seems all my route paths to my backend are getting rewritten to /api/route instead of /route, which is causing 404 errors on all my requests. This isn’t an issue when I turn off the proxy. So my question is, are these path rewrites normal or expected behavior when proxying HTTP to HTTPS, and I should rewrite all my routes to include /api, or is there something wrong with my configuration?

Thank you in advance!

Might be this :point_up:

Furthermore, despite Heroku app, may I ask if you are using Cloudflare Workers too for your domain and some path(s), or not? :thinking:

Hi, no I am not, and I am relatively new to this so I’m not too familiar with that concept. Can you explain what Cloudflare Workers are and how I can integrate them, or point me in the right direction? Thank you in advance!

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