Help with first worker

I’ve been attempting to setup Geographic redirection for some sites, but havn’t been able to workout exactly what I need.

Its working in some areas, but need some tips on the following:

    1. I see the workers can be scripted into Cloudflare via the website and also setup via a project using Wrangler etc. I’m not certain which method is most appropriate for me.
    1. Cookie parsing, attempting to parse the cookies doesn’t work,
      import { parse } from "cookie"
      presents an error, “Uncaught SyntaxError: Cannot use import statement outside a module at line 1 (Code: 10021)”
      Is it possible to load this via the website script editor? if so how is that done.
      This for example doesn’t work
      const cookie = parse(request.headers.get(COOKIE_NAME) || null)
    1. Continue bypassing modification - If the conditions aren’t met, I simply want the request to pass through and do what it was doing, no redirection. How is this done?
    var url = new URL(request.url);
     return await fetch(url);

Script so far

// import { parse } from "cookie"
const COOKIE_NAME = "__jbcloc"

async function redirectToLocation(location, statusCode, cookieValue){
		return new Response(null, {
			  status: statusCode,
			  headers: {
				  'Location': location, // Needs the Location. 
				  'Set-Cookie': COOKIE_NAME + '=' + cookieValue

async function handleRequest(request) {


     // Check if the Cookie Exists.
//  const cookie = parse(request.headers.get(COOKIE_NAME) || null)
  const cookie = null; //request.headers.get(COOKIE_NAME);
  const location = ( ? : "");
  var url = new URL(request.url);

  if (cookie != null) {
          // Continue to requested Page..
      return await fetch("");

	// If not Check the Location of the User
    if(location == "AU"){
      // Allgood do nothing.      
    }else if(location == "NZ"){
      // Redirect to
      return await redirectToLocation('', 307, location); 
      // Redirect to .com
      return await redirectToLocation('', 307, location);  


      // SHOULD Continue to requested Page.. NEVER FAIL!
      // Could write to header or similar. 
        return new Response("ERROR: " + ex.message, {
            headers: {
            "content-type": "text/html;charset=UTF-8",

addEventListener("fetch", async event => {

Thank you for any assistance.

Ok so worked it out.

  1. The wrangler generated script is compiled with imports into the script via the Cloudflare website workers. Once compiled you can tidy the minified script for debugging on the live domain.
    DirtyMarkup Beautifier - Javascript Formatter, JS Tidy Up
    It is a little funky as I found my script which works 100% on a live domain will error in some development circumstances.

  2. Cookie Parising, just import the module into the script via node.

  3. fetch(request) will call the original request.

New issue is I would like to not run the script when Google is in play.
I believe I just need to push a Page Rule through for known bots and bypass, perhaps after my resource caching scripts so they retain that speed for bots.