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Pardon me for what might be a basic question, but I’m trying to setup failover and have a question.

Are origins the actual servers that I want to send traffic to? If servers have both an IPv6 and IPv4 address, do I need two origin blanks per server? If that’s the case, it looks like I will need to go to a fairly expensive plan


Hey @cholzhauer,

In your case, this will represent 4 origin servers (IPv4 and IPv6 x 2) so you’ll just need to activate the Load balancing feature in your account (Traffic tab) with the according configuration:

If you’re having a Free Account, this will need you to add a credit card or PayPal account to your account so we can bill you according to your usage.

I hope this makes sense,


Hey @stephane , thanks for the quick reply.

Your solution makes sense, but when I try to create a new load balancer, I’m told that I need more origins.

This is a separate server, so I can’t reuse the existing “pool” that I’ve setup.


Yes, you need first to modify your subscription to raise the number of Origins you’re having.


I guess my question is do you anticipate a scenario where the server would be accessible over IPv4 but not over IPv6? Or vice versa? If not then I would only use one IP (v4 or v6) to represent the origin in your LB pool.

I can certainly envision a scenario where a datacenter provider could bork their routing for one address space and not the other, but unless you can establish a cost (to the business) to the nn minutes it would take you to identify the issue and change the records in Cloudfare to use the alternate address which would exceed the cost of the additional origins in Cloudflare I’d just go with a single address. YMMV


@cscharff Your point is very valid, but from what little I’ve played with failover, it seems that if I do not enter an AAAA record as an origin server, one is never put in DNS, meaning any lookup would never return an AAAA record.

Please correct me if I interpreted something incorrectly.


Are these :orange: LB entries you’re creating (Is the LB itself set to :orange: ? If they are then Cloudflare is likely implicitly creating an AAAA record for the LB name.


No, grey. When I tried using cloudfare when we moved (about a month ago) nothing worked, and as far as I know, the devs on my side haven’t fixed it yet.


Ah, that makes sense. Thanks for the clarification. I believe you can still accomplish this with just 2 origins by using a hostname for the origin.

Add an A record for apple with an IP of (gray cloud)
Add a AAAA record for apple with an IP address of 2604:a880:800:a1::545:c001(gray cloud)
Create a LB called testa (gray cloud)
Add an origin with a Server name of foo with a target of
Skip Geo and health checks (you can use these in your real LB if you wish, just simplifying the example here).

I just created this for my test domain and you can test against it for results if you like. … if you ask for the A you get and if you ask for the AAAA you get 2604:a880:800:a1::545:c001. of Apple in this case is really just a virtual placeholder for the target A and AAAA records. The only reason you have any knowledge that records for Apple even exist is because I told you… it would be transparent to the end user.


Oh and the LB probably doesn’t actually work because those IPs aren’t pointed to a real server, or if they are it’s just by accident.


That does appear to work, I will just need to upgrade to the point where I can have more than two failover pools, but the theory pans out.

Thanks for your help

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