Help with error 525

I’m having the error 525 on my site. I would like to know if a possible cause could be that I have bot detection enabled through JavaScript and the origin server is not configured correctly with CSP. Note that the error is intermittent, and currently, it doesn’t show up because we had to disable Cloudflare on the site.

I have already verified that my origin server has a valid SSL certificate and that the cipher suites match those supported by Cloudflare. I’m also sure that my firewall is not blocking Cloudflare IPs.

At this moment, we’re also reviewing the web server logs, but a possible cause has not been found yet.

See below:

Hi GeorgeAppiah, thanks for the reply. Yes, I read that post and followed the recommendations, but still got nothing. I also set up a health check against my origin, and it works perfectly. The second I enable Cloudflare and start to get traffic, it pops the 525 error.

Also, I want to mention that after enabling Cloudflare on the site, it works fine until it starts to get a high volume of traffic. For example, I enable Cloudflare on Wednesday at 10 PM, and the error appears on Thursday at 11:30 AM. Then I disable Cloudflare, and my site works fine. I make a second test again at 1:00 PM, and it’s not until 1:20 PM that I get the error.

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