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Two days ago, I stopped receiving email. I didn’t realize right away what happened, just thought it was off that I was getting no new emails, but my outbound emails seemed to be getting through so I didn’t think anything of it till I realized today that I was missing a bunch of emails for a conference I was supposed to attend and I have now completely missed. Google told me it was a domain issue and my domain registrar told me it was a Cloudflare issue. When I logged into Cloudflare, it says that I have no sites, even though I most definitely did at one point. I am the only person with access and I know that I didn’t delete these records. Can anyone help me to figure out 1) Why this might have happened and 2) How to resolve it so I can start getting my emails again?

It looks like you deleted the zone from your account, not just the record. Were you able to add it back successfully?

I didn’t delete anything, but it does seem like it got deleted. I am trying to re-add records now but I don’t really know what I am doing.

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Hi I checked your audit log and can see the zone(s) were deleted automatically. I see the zones added but do not see an entry in the audit log indicating nameservers were confirmed. Typically when our system notices nameservers not pointing to cf it will send a notice, a week later it will send another indicating the site will be removed. You may have received those emails in May as I show the site as removed shortly after it was added.

I see you’ve added the zones back and nameservers show as propagating. It may be worth contacting your registrar that controls nameservers to see if there is any issue with the change as 2 months is a long time to be propagating.

One approach may be to ask your registrar to switch the nameservers to their default, remove the pending zones from your account, ensure the default nameservers are responsive and then re-add the zones to Cloudflare, then change the nameservers to the two assigned, once those are propagated you should receive a message indicating nameservers confirmed in your dash and audit log. You can consult the audit log to recover dns record details that you added.

Hi Cloonan,

Am a newbie here so I appreciate your patience with my questions. What are zones and what would have cause them to be deleted automatically?

I see an email on March 11 asking me to update the name servers which I believe I did at the time then nothing after that. The email worked fine from March till now.

Are you suggesting there is potentially still a conflict that needs to be resolved by my domain registrar?

Ah, my apologies, I meant to include this link

Zones is a term we use to describe domain in the dashboard.

I followed the above doc step 1 and in looking at the audit log, see this item applies, If User IP Address is or contains no data, the deletion was automatically performed by Cloudflare’s systems: Move to Step 2 . I used DNS Propagation Checker - Global DNS Testing Tool to see that the nameservers appear to be propagating. I also checked your audit log and do not see an indication the change you may in March was ever confirmed. Hence why I thought contacting the registrar may be helpful. (my registrar) wrote the following:

“I have checked all the previous chat details and your Domain Name Servers . It was never changed from our end . It was always pointing to Cloudflare. I could see that our previous agent also informed you the same. All other DNS like MX record is managed by Cloudflare. The issue was with MX and it was managed by Cloudflare. We do not have any access to email service provider. I also double checked your Domain Name Servers and it is active and there will be no issues from our end.”

I took a look and see the mx records you’ve added but you are missing any other dns records.

I’d start with recreating the A record that points to your oirigin (host) server. There is a record from march 9 that has the value of the A record, your host can tell you that as well.

These tutorials explain the process

There is also a #tutorial on * Email Troubleshooting that will be helpful once we get the site active on Cloudflare.

Do you mean the A Name for my domain registrar?

And where should I be updating this?

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