Help with Domain transfer to new website

Hi all, I have no clue about languages and anything related to sites. I have my domain on a google sites site, I need to move the domain to a new Google site that I just create but simple text step by step doesn’t help me at all as I don’t even know where to find anything on Cloudflare, can someone please help me! I try to find youtube videos, and more details on good but didn’t find anything on this specific matter. Thanks in advance!

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You only need to edit your DNS to use the information provided by your new site.

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That is exactly the problem, I only find answers like yours, that can be easy for those who know how, is definitely not easy for people like me that dont even know how to navigate on the site. I already have the domain in one site, and google sites step by step say to create a new CNAME, which I have no idea what is so, thanks but your answer is not on my case specifically to move the domain I already have in place on old site to a new one same platform. If it is, I just dont understand enough to make it.

I dont even know what is credentials Lol

A username and password is a common example of credentials. Credentials are used to authenticate. There are other methods, but there is only one additional that I will mention right now. Make sure that you use an MFA code to keep your account safe. I recommend using a TOTP app like Google Authenticator. Make sure to safely store a set of backup codes in case you ever lose, replace, or reset your mobile device.

I am sorry but I think u are missing the information that I am a 100% ignorant on this, I have to do it myself because I cannot pay anymore to make it for me and the person who did before dont want to help me out. I have no idea what are u talking about with all this 2FA, MFA, TOTP. Please dont waste your time with me, I need someone that can tell me step by step what to do. Thanks a lot for trying but I cant follow at all :frowning:

IF anyone know a link with images or video on youtube helping on it, please let me know because the ways I type to search is not coming the answers I need, I dont know how to ask the question to get the answers.

Does anyone with a link with step by step or a suggestion on how to make the question on a search to get the answer? I am stuck with a website that I cannot use as my domain in on the old site still. Appreciate if anyone can help me!

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