Help with DNS Set up

Can someone help me get my DNS set up and configured so my website actually resolves? Apparently it takes 2 months to transfer out of Cloudflare to another provider with better control panel so I can manage my own domain.

In the meantime, I really need to get this sit up and running. Here is what I am seeing but I have no idea how to do any of them? What is all these?

A few more steps are required to complete your setup.Hide

Add an A, AAAA, or CNAME record for www so that XXX will resolve.

Add an A, AAAA, or CNAME record for your root domain so that XXX will resolve.

Add an MX record for your root domain so that mail can reach @XXX addresses or set up restrictive SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records to prevent email spoofing.

Based on the context I assume this is for a brand new domain that you registered through Cloudflare Registrar? Do you have a web host already? Have you checked their documentation to see what the DNS entries need to be? Without knowing who your web host is nobody is going to be able to help.

Yes, brand new domain. No web host. I am following set up instructions on my dashboard and am stuck on domain DNS set up.

So at this point you don’t even have a website (unless you have an offline copy saved locally) so there’s nothing to set up.

Next step would be choosing somewhere to host your site. So the main question would be, do you already have a site built and you just need somewhere to host it, or are you needing a site designed and built?

There are thousands of different web hosts available with different pros and cons. Some offer GUI site builders while others don’t.

Cloudflare offers Cloudflare Pages which is a good host for static sites (with some additional functionality available via Workers) but if you’re starting from zero experience there would definitely be a learning curve. And there’s no inbuilt site designing functionality, you’d need to either create the site manually with a text editor (any HTML experience?) or using site building software, of which there’s a multitude available.

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I have a similar issue, am new to web hosting, but have my website locally prepared.(I know HTML, CSS and JS) Prepared and hosted on github and Cloudflare pages.

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