Help with DNS/MX Record

I know this is a completely operator error case but I cannot find the simple answer! In my DNS (using CF as proxy from BlueHost). In the MX box I see this !
Screen Shot 2021-06-18 at 5.59.40 PM|610x136

The record is configured thus:
Mail server:
TTL: Auto
Priority: 0

There is an “A” record
Name: mail
TTL: Auto

Where is the setup failing?


Cloudflare does not proxy email connections. You’ll need to click on the :orange: to toggle it to :grey: DNS Only.

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If I do that I get an even scarier error prompt (on the “A” record, I assume):

Screen Shot 2021-06-18 at 7.35.25 PM

That’s unavoidable. If you host email on the same server as your website, this happens. Cloudflare proxies HTTP/S connections, but not mail connections. Those need to be unproxied for a functioning direct connection.

Thanks for the response but our problem is unsolved and we’ve been without email for 5 days now. Whats my DNS says this:

I know that first number should be the BlueHost IP but its not.

Thanks, again!

That sure looks like whatever hostname you pointed your MX record to is still :orange: Proxied.

I’ve also gotta ask, if you already have Protonmail set up with a custom domain, why do you have a higher priority MX record going to your server? Why not just use Protonmail? You’d also avoid the “Exposes Your IP Address” issue.

Well, my friend, its really not for me but the other 20 email accounts the rest of my peeps have from that domain and they’ve used them for years.

To clarify, the entire issue is that protonmail can’t verify me as the owner of the domain any longer since Cloudflare came into the picture, and so none of us are getting email for 4 days now from
And of course, the dev I use is on vacation!

Why not? I have Protonmail on many domains I have on Cloudflare. But I don’t split between two mail services for any domain.

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