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Please help! We cannot find a resolution for this issue. We transferred our domain from NameCheap to Shopify. Apparently Cloudflare holds the SSL certificate. Even though, it has been almost 2 months, they have not released/disabled the certificate so that Shopify’s platform will provision a new certificate. We have tried every avenue possible to get in touch with CloudFlare and that is proving impossible. Bot responses! We desperately need to have our SSL certificate disabled with CloudFlare in order to move forward. Because we transferred the domain to Shopify, Cloudflare shows that we have no account/website here. All they need to do it go in and disable the SSL certificate for us…and we cannot find anyway to reach them to have this assistance. We basically have a website that is not optimally functioning because CLOUDFLARE does not appear to help people that have transferred a domain name. WE are super frustrated with this issue that Cloudflare should have resolved already for us. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Dave and Jen

Just to be clear, did you ever have an account here?

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Yes, Absolutely we had our account/and website here on Cloudflare. Please see the issued and active SSL Certificate screenshot attached captured a couple of days ago that was provided to us by Shopify. They were able to see this. To be clear we tranferred our domain to Shopify back on July 10th and on July 20th we received and email from Cloudflare stating that “Your DNS records will be completely removed from our system in 7 days.” Please help us by deactivating the SSL certificate. SSL Certificate issued by Cloudflare

If you email support AT cloudflare DOT com from the account’s email address that certificate was on, they should be able to remove it. Post the ticket # here once you get an auto response.

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Here is the ticket # #2240861)
Thank You!


Here is the Ticket #2240861 We are continuing to get bot responses that the issue is resolved, when it clearly isn’t resolved. Any ideas on what to do from here on getting this SSL certificate disabled?
Thanks so much for any help offered.

I’ve escalated to one of the support engineers. Hopefully they’re taking a look at it and will reply on that ticket.

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You should have gotten a reply on the ticket.

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We have responded to this ticket [#2240861], please do let us know if you need further assistance here.

Thank you


Hello Kruthi.

Please see this message from Shopify Technical Support and remove the certificate.

Toby C (Shopify)

Aug 26, 2021, 17:11 EDT

Hi Jennifer,

We’re still unable to provision a certificate. Please inform Kruthi that any Cloudflare certificates in place must be removed, we do not require Cloudflare to handle any SSL issuance when it comes to our domains.

Thank you.

Kind regards,
Toby C | Technical Merchant Support
24/7 Support

Thank you Kruthi for complying with our request and the request of Shopify.
Dave and Jennifer Snell

What did Cloudflare’s response on the ticket say?

My opinion is that’s it’s terrible that Shopify put you in the middle of their problem with Cloudflare. It’s as if your issue is too much of a bother for them to pursue. They’re a major partner and should learn how to handle this common problem directly with their assigned Cloudflare Enterprise engineer.


Hi Sdayman,
It is sad that Cloudflare has put us in the situation as well. Below, copied is Cloudflares latest email and it’s hard to determine what to do from here. I’m guessing that we need to contact Kajabi at this point and see if they can help since that is where the dead page is going to. We’ve gone in serious circles with this issue and I’m sure it’s probably easy to fix for someone. Any suggestions on how to do this? Would Kajabi be who we need to contact next? Thanks for any advice you may provide us.
Here is what Cloudflare said this morning in email.
Hi there,

Thank you for contacting Cloudflare Support.
The issue here is that this hostname “” is still managed by a service provider that uses our SSL for SaaS solution.
You will need to contact this service provider, and ask them to delete the hostname from their system.
This will resolve the problem.
We do apologize for this inconvenience.

Please let us know if you have any further questionsor issues by replying to this e-mail or ticket.

Kind Regards,

Aurelio | Technical Support Engineer
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It’s definitely not a desirable arrangement. “Partners” are given authority over a domain, but won’t release it once their business relationship with the customer (you) has been terminated. Then the new partner enters a business relationship and can’t gain control over the domain.

When it comes down to it, I look at the flow of money. You give money to Shopify, and Shopify pays Cloudflare. You pay Shopify for service, but when you ask them for help, they just shrug. Is that what Cloudflare does to Shopify? I should hope not.

Yet Shopify just throws you in the middle of it. Why should Cloudflare listen to you? Sure, it’s nice that they provide all this service for free, but you’ve got to admit, Support is expensive. Shopify pays Cloudflare a ton of money. Why can’t Shopify use their might to get this common issue fixed? Maybe you’re just a $30 customer and not worth their effort. (please don’t take that part personally)

Finally the issue is fixed, website is working properly now.
Thank you!

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