Help with Correct Page Rule & Syntax For Entire Sitemap No Cache

I am looking to create a page rule for No Caching with a correct wildcard that will cover domain/sitemap.xml, domain/sitemap_index.xml, domain/page-sitemap.xml, domain/post-sitemap.xml etc.

I already know that the write cache type to use - Cach Level: Bypass. I just need the right syntax or wildcard card to use to cover all sitemap page.


Have you tried*sitemap*

That did not work.

That is the correct syntax. I just tested it. These all forwarded:

What I mean is that it is still being cached when I checked the header.

Then there’s probably something wrong with your page rules. XML files shouldn’t be cached in the first place. Can you post a screenshot of your page rules?

see attached

That site isn’t using Cloudflare proxy right now. Just Cloudflare DNS. So Page Rules won’t apply.

It also looks like the non-www URL forwards to the www hostname, so that Page Rule won’t match the actual site.

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It was before. I tried it both time with proxy and not proxy. I just turned it back to dns few minutes ago. Let me turn back proxied so you see the same issues.

It is turned to proxy now.

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