Help with configuring

Hello, i did setup my domain as cloudflare but my site doesnt load and says no IP adress found.

This is how i setup.
Here is the DNS nameservers in the domain panel.

This is the cloudflare setup.

I did setup both A records for @ and www and MX for my email. its been 1 day and still nothing.
if i try to use the dig command " dig NS" it shows me the default DNS nameservers the domain had.

Please tell me if its the domain issue or its cloudflare related.

What you didn’t black out looks correct. But without knowing the domain name, there’s no way for us to see what the problem may really be. So I’m going to say it’s Domain Related. Maybe due to name servers not properly configured at your registrar.

The domain name is
Give me a thought about this so i could know how to fix it.

In the name tab is the domain name. in the Content is my dedicated Ip Adress

PS: The domain was linked to other host , and now as i bought a dedicated server i want link it to the new dedicated.

Your domain is still set to use for name servers.


The only dns nameservers set are the clouflare, as per screenshot.There are no other dns set.

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