Help with Cloudflare configuration after and during DDoS attack


I received a DDoS attack and decided to install Cloudflare. I receive diferent DDoS attacks, that focused on:


When I installed cloudflare I could see my website correctly, but it stopped showing the next day. Can you tell me if my Cloudflare configuration is OK?

I get these two errors:

Bad gateway Error code 502
SSL handshake failed Error code 525

But Sometimes the web loads fine and sometimes it loads with an error: ERROR 508 Resource Limit Reached. That’s why I think some kind of DDoS attack like MEMCACHED attack continues.

I have an SSL lets encrypt on my server. That’s why I select the encryption SSL/TLS encryption mode in Full. But sometimes if I put Full Strict the web also works but after a while it gives an error again.

I am a bit lost, and I ask you if you can help me by telling me if I have Cloudflare configured correctly.

I attach screenshots of my configuration:

Thanks for help

Aditional info.

With this setup mentioned, sometimes it loads the whole web fine, and sometimes it loads the web but it gives me my internal error 508 (Resource Limit reached)

When it doesn’t load it gives me an error Bad gateway Error code 502
or SSL handshake failed Error code 525

It seems that it is because of the DDoS attack?