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Please excuse my elementary level descriptions since I know nothing about how websites work.
My site is hosted via Site5, I think. Somehow DNS is pointing to Cloudflare servers and I am supposed to change the A record since Site5 did server migration. I have never set-up an account with Cloudflare and have no login details. I have set-up enough of an account to gain access to the community but the balance is over my head. Can anyone help?

Hi @alan8, welcome and sorry for the issues you’re facing. Once you’re into the account, the change you need to make is very straight-forward, you’d login to the Cloudflare Dashboard, go to the DNS tab of the Dashboard, find the A record and update it with the details from your host. But, getting access will be difficult as the Cloudflare account to make those updates is tied to the email address of whoever set up your domain on Cloudflare. Ideally, you’d get them to add you to the account or simply do the update for you, those are the easiest options. Is there any way you can you recover the original login details?

Hi Alan, I am having the same trouble and followed your instructions. But as a newbie, I look at the A file and there is more than one entry. What do I do once I find the A file? I was told I need to point the IP elsewhere. This also comes up:
An A, AAAA, CNAME, or MX record is pointed to your origin server exposing your origin IP address.
Any help appreciated. I have entered a ticket but would lie to get this fixed asap.

cloonan, thank you for the reply. Part of your instructions are the issue, I have no idea who set-up the account on Cloudflare and what email to use. I cannot locate anything to get in direct contact with Cloudflare to gain access to my account. Network Solutions, where I purchased the domain 20 years ago has suggested that I switch the DNS to their servers, but I understand this can cause big problems. Is it wise to make a switch like that? Thank you

Hi @alan8, got it, I was afraid of that. In that case you’d need to start a process of moving the domain over to the new Cloudflare account you’re using here. When you add the site your new account we will assign two name servers, give those to your registrar and ask that they update them. It will take time for the change to be picked up and when it is, you’ll have the ability to customize as you need, edit the A record, add free Universal SSL, etc. There are lots of good resources here and online about making the edit to your A Record and when asked, the community is really great about helping you along. Like @rosiewolfwilliams, you’ll want to look for the A record with the ip of your old server and update it with the ip of your new server.

looks like that will be my best option. Thank you for the assistance.

Thanks Alan. I found out that the problem is I can’t have an SSL with a free server which is offered from Cloudflare from Bluehost. I have deleted both sites from Cloudflare and will have to find another way to speed it up. Thanks for your help!

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