Help with Cloudflare 524 timeout issue

Need help with CloudFlare 524: A timeout occurred error on specific wp-amin links on my website. I can access my dashboard, but certain links time out while others are fine. The site itself is running fine.

I have contacted Bluehost( I know mistake using Bluehost), their tech support responded with this:

“Upon review this looks like an issue with unwanted traffic and CloudFlare is blocking it because the traffic is trying to DDoS those urls. To address this you will want to first contact CloudFlare for more information (”

When reading up on CloudFlare Error 524: a timeout occurred - Error 524 indicates that Cloudflare successfully connected to the origin web server, but the origin did not provide an HTTP response before the default 100 second connection timed out.

Does anyone have a good fix for this? I do have a tick open with CloudFlare, but with the Free plan, I’m sure it will not be a quick response.

What specific links? If it’s something that takes more than 100 seconds to process, that would cause a timeout.

We have a GIS Wood Manufacturing website with 2600 records. We have 6 Custom Post Types that break down those 2600 records into categories. From the Wp-Admin area the links that would open the all the records to a particular Custom Post Type time out. Our Sitemap link is also blocked in Yoast SEO.

I have some maintenance to perform in a couple of these CPT’s and I cannot access the data, kind of frustrating.

My suggestion when faced with a 524 timeout during admin tasks is to use a local hosts file on the desktop computer so you’re accessing the site directly instead of through Cloudflare. This way you avoid the Cloudflare timeout for admin tasks that take too long.

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How does this solve the 524 message. Yes I can work offline, but then I have to transfer info back to my live site.


this error also just started showing up for my website and the only way i can make my website work is to disable the proxy via cloudflare. Seems to be a coudflare issue i think.

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