Help with changing Infusionsoft redirect for domain

I’m in need of some help. I’m trying to redirect my domain from one Infusionsoft link to another but the changes are not working. It keeps showing the old site instead of the new one. I have tried changing the “www” CNAME to the new link, as well as changing the TXT CNAME. I have even created a rule pointing to the new link but it still shows the old one. I really need to get this done so any help would be most appreciated. I have tried following the steps from multiple sources online but nothing is working. I will be happy to provide to the new link if needed.

CNAMEs are not redirects. What’s the name you’re trying to forward and what are you trying to forward it to? When you say a “rule” do you mean a Cloudflare Page Rule? Can you screenshot the rule? Also keep in mind that Page Rules are only active on proxied traffic i.e. orange-clouded DNS entries.

I actually got it. Everything I did in the DNS page was correct, but it took longer than usual on my computer to see the proper site. It was first on my phone it worked then MS Edge worked. Still waiting on Chrome to catch up, but working now!

To clarify, the change I made in the Rules portion were what took a while

If you’re using 301 redirects, those are intended to be permanent, so browsers will cache them for potentially long times (but not forever). Restarting the browser may help.

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