Help with changin IP here

My hosting provider ask me to change Cloudflare ip address becouse of ddos attack.So how would I do it? Im using free plan for get free ssl for my site…Thanks

That’s a strange request. Do they want you to update the IP address for the server your site is hosted on?
Or are they asking you to change the two 104.xx.xx.xx IP addresses that Cloudflare has assigned to your website?

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" I can see that the IP is being attacked for a while now. So what I will do for you in change your IP address and your website will come back online. Could you update the IP on your Cloudflare account as well?

New IP is:"
here is their message.:persevere:

Ok, go to the DNS settings page in the Cloudflare Dashboard and update the “A” Record IP addresses for the entries “ (your actual domain name)” and “www”.

Great.Thank you for your help

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