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We got a Huge Problem with Cloudflare last Week that has been already solved, but I would like to understand some topics about my acc.

We got a problem with Request a dedicated certificate because our acc was blocked with ~$6 that seems was not paid in June.

Questions -

1 - What is the reason for that $6 pending if we have a credit card which is available for automatic payments every month? Do You have a log or some prove that Cloudflare tried to request the payment and got recuse from our card administrator?

2 - Before that, we had a Cost of ~$40/month and I would like to understand why we Got ~$9 now? Are We going to pay that $40+$9 Now? Why isn’t that price ~$40 on the billing report more?

3 - Do we have any pending on this month or other months? If we have, how can I Force the payment since there’s nothing showing in our ACC?

4 - In The past, the service was Dedicated Cert now the name Service is Advanced? Are they the same?

I Gave all perms for the Cloudflare team to check my invoices, etc.
Also, I tried to open a lot of tickets for [email protected] but no answer.

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Jonne T.

The Community can not address specific billing issues.

Opening multiple tickets will delay all the others. Can you post the most recent ticket #?

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Hey Guys, Gloria answered my questions. thank you so much.

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