Help with adding/ changing A record with multiple IP addresses

Hi, I have the domain name and currently the A records point to 2 different IP Addresses, not sure how we did it in the beginning, but now I need to change it to different multiple addressees, can someone help me pointing me to the location of the multiple IP address for the A Record (@) - it won’t show up on the regular DNS records, only Cnames, MX etc… are showing. I remember I had to create it in a different way as it has multiple IPs for the same record


Usually just add the second A/AAAA record(s) at the DNS tab of CF dashboard.
Otherwise, maybe you’ve had Load Balancer configured? :thinking:

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Is the record :orange: ? If so, those are Cloudflare IPs. The origin IP is defined in your DNS and you can edit it (the public IPs won’t change). Otherwise edit or delete the records as needed.

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