Help with 2FA recovery after lost phone

Hey I lost my phone last year and haven’t needed to long into Cloudflare too often. I tried logging in today and realized I had 2FA set up on the account so I went through account recovery. I could not find backup codes so I went to the next recovery step and entered my email address. But the recovery system says my email is not associated with an account. I’m sure it is, I get regular emails from cloudflare and if I try to reregister the account it says the email is already associated with an account, so now I’m not sure what my next steps for recovery are. I have access to my email, and to the domains cloudflare is setup for, but I’m stuck.

This link will only work if you’re logged out.

You need to know the email to use this 2FA recovery,

is it the same or a different email than you are using here?

This is a new email I couldn’t submit the support ticket because support asked me to log in with the same 2FA issue. I wasn’t logged in when any of this occurred.

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Just swinging by to confirm that the team was able to assist you with this, are you able to login @gorland22?

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