Help whit DNS cloud fire (Español)

Hola chicos tengo un dedicado de google cloud y e tratado de colocar mi ip al dedicado
porque es para una comunidad de minecraft , una ves colocado solo me funciona el dominio ala web , a los servidores no me funciona que podria ser?

If this is for a Minecraft server, that uses a Port that Cloudflare will not proxy. It will need to be set to :grey: and not “orange”.

i only use the ip mi server no have a port

No service without ports. There are 65535 of them that could be used with each of the 340 sextillions of available IPs worldwide.

As @sdayman wrote earlier: Minecraft servers are not supported. Default Port is 25565 and will not be proxied by Cloudflare. Even If you could change it to a different and supported port, it would still not work because it uses the wrong protocol.

If you just want to host a community forum or Website, it should work. If it doesn’t, let us know the exact error please. :slight_smile:

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