HELP! WEBSITE is DOWN (was working 5 hours ago). Namecheap => Cloudflare => Clickfunnels

Hey guys,

the domain in question is

Bought it on namecheap, pointed nameservers to the custom cloudflare nameservers

added in both CNAME records that Clickfunnels requires to point to clickfunnels funnel, which I associated the domain with the funnel and made sure to get SSL in Clickfunnels too.

I added in the two page rules in cloudflare to make sure that whether typing in www. or just, it would 301 permanent redirect to https://

Everything was fine. the site eventually got up. you could find my website.

Now – out of no where – when I go to type in the site on any broswer (incognito etc), whether on desktop or my phone, I get this message:

This site can’t be reached

domain refused to connect.


Can anyone explain to me what is going on and how to fix this ?



It’s loading for me:

And everywhere else I checked, as well:

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