HELP website has been down for several days after modifying dns

My website has been down for several days after modifying DNS as instructed. how do i get it back up i have trouble shooted the issue and made the recommended changes

What’s the domain?
i am receiving a 1000 error message


i pasted the error message below …the message doesn’t specify what ip address i should resolve to.

The IP address should be that of your host. Historical data says the site’s been on Cloudflare for at least a year, but hosted on GoDaddy with various IP addresses.

If it’s still hosted on GoDaddy, your account there should have the correct DNS records with the IP address you need to use here.

ok the site is actually hosted by another company
therapysites would they be able to correct the matter?
even if i had the right ip address im not sure how where to place it
Thanks for your assistance

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They should be able to tell you what DNS you need for and

It might be an “A” record IP address for one or both, and it may be a CNAME pointer to a different hostname (for one or both).

Once you find out, please post a screenshot of your current DNS page here, but redact any IP addresses that are in there with an image editor.

Their website says:

you will be sent instructions on how to set it up to work with your website.

Can you paste them or post a screenshot of those instructions?

Not sure if this is the DNS page see below …i got this from Cloudflare under the DNS tab there are several A types for …see below …I.P redacted.Also according to Go daddy, they cannot display my DNS info because my name server isn’t managed by them.

so i followed the instructions and received an email that says congratulations your page is now active.
The problem is when i went to the website it was down. the message read that the go to ip address needs to be changed.
so Im not sure what to change it to and where.


Ok, so I’m a bit slow today. therapysites already uses Cloudflare, so your DNS entries for and ‘www’ need to be set to :grey: DNS Only. You have to click on each of those two DNS entries, then click on the :orange: to switch it to :grey:, then Save.

The reason for this is you can’t layer your Cloudflare over their Cloudflare.

No worries, I appreciate your assistance…so, am i changing the highlighted circled area. that reads “proxied” to DNS?

That does not look like the Cloudflare dashboard, but you need to change those ‘www’ records to DNS-Only. There should be a few other records as well. Hopefully “A” records, both for ‘www’ and for

Yes, i believe this is the dashboard it looks a bit distorted. here is another pic.
so i will try changing the A types to DNS yes?

Yes, DNS-Only, but just for those A and AAAA records for and ‘www’.

No worries on that any more since your site isn’t hosted by GoDaddy.

I’d really love to see these instructions. It’s not typical to have a service ask you to manually type in “A” records that contain Cloudflare IP addresses. This would normally be done with a CNAME in case those Cloudflare IP addresses change, which is quite rare.

Hi Pardon the delay in reply
So here are the instructions from cloud flare and go daddy

Cloud flare: provided me with name servers so that my dns servers could be changed to the assigned name servers.

Cloudflare nameserversTo use Cloudflare, ensure your authoritative DNS servers, or nameservers have been changed. These are your assigned Cloudflare nameservers.

Go DADDY provided me wtih the same instruction however the assigned go daddy name servers were different

For your zone file to take effect, update the nameservers at your current registrar with the ones below.

Additional instructions from the cloud flare portal copied below

Thank you for your assistance


And those are also Cloudflare?

Publicly, they’re listed as Rodrigo and Sarah. Are those the ones listed at the bottom of your DNS screen that you’ve been posting?

yes, that is correct rodrigo and sarah are listed on the bottom

If and ‘www’ are :grey: DNS-Only, then you have to get support from the website host, as you’ve set your DNS records to point to where they told you to.

I see it’s pointing to a 34.102 address, which is Google-hosted, but that’s not what I recall from earlier, and would not have caused the 1000 error from earlier.