Help! Webpage error 1000

Hi- I am non-techy and don’t speak IT language—but somehow after trying to make an alias for my domain email and copying things into dns settings, I made a big mess and now my website is getting an error 1000. I changed my mind about email alias so dont want it anymore. Then, realized, doing that was a big oops!! That i dont know how to fix. i read over some community posts but its pretty much Greek to me!!! i tried my darndest but am afraid to muck things up even further!

My domain is

It is a google domain

I’ll send screen shots of the “diagnostic” scan

What is the IP address for the A record for “

On your www I get a different message:

The page you were looking for doesn’t exist.

Do you have an active website with your hosting provider?

I am not sure what this means. Your domain has Google MX records correctly setup.

As for ip address for my google custom domain site, i have difficulty finding it. So i looked up how to find it and will send screen shot of what i found. The www yes says doesnt exist but just gets error 1000. I did have the main page of website “live” saying “under construction”

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