Help, webmail and mail DNS not working

My webmail and mail DNS settings are not working properly.

The webmail one is proxied but my MX record is not being proxied at all. I used cloudflare to automatically update my dns but somehow it didnt get this right

What is the domain?

OKAY, i debugged it a bit, the features for my mail domain in hestia cp has to be disabled for it to load. webmail domain is now accessible.

but it does not send any emails if using SSL/TLS with PHPMailer

when sending a mail to myself manually from the webmail domain (roundcube) it sends a mail just fine over TLS

Cloudflare does not proxy traffic on port 25 (SMTP) unless Cloudflare Spectrum is enabled and configured to proxy email traffic across Cloudflare.

If you do not have Spectrum enabled then no email traffic (SMTP) will actually pass through Cloudflare and we will simply resolve the DNS.

This also means that any DNS record used to send email traffic must be :grey: grey-clouded to bypass the Cloudflare network.

See Identifying subdomains compatible with Cloudflare’s proxy

If your email DNS records are resolving correctly but the issue persists, please review Email undeliverable when using Cloudflare then contact your email service provider to confirm your DNS records are correct.

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