Help! We had to disable Cloudflare because Spamhaus blacklisted our IP address in there SBL block

Using Spamhaus’s tool:

Our CF Shared IP address is in a block ( with a bunch of fraudulent sites. See screenshot. There are 15 sites listed.

Is this is lost cause and I have to leave Cloudflare since we can have our emails blocked because Spamhaus sees fraud sites in our shared IP block.

I see there is a page to report abuse to Cloudflare (Cloudflare Abuse Form | Cloudflare). Should I report all 15 sites? And, if so, will they actually remove the sites and then go through the procedure of working with Spamhaus to remove to blacklists/IPs?

Covered many, many, many times here. Please use Search.

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Yes, yes. I’ve used search and read through all of the recent posts but still do not know if there is anything we can do.

None of the threads seem to have any resolution. Are we left with no choice but to leave Cloudflare?

There are no options for dedicated IP addresses, even for Pro or Enterprise accounts?

Pro or Enterprise accounts?

That’s a hefty step in pricing :sweat_smile:. Enterprise accounts have dedicated IP ranges that prevent situations like this from occurring.

Now, I also believe that Pro/Biz customers also have their own ranges but I don’t think Cloudflare advertises it, and honestly, for the better.

However, is there any solution that you can do? No, not really, spamhaus is negligent with this and doesn’t realize that it does more harm than good.


Nope - no resolutions - I’ve been waiting 9 days now after they passed it onto their Trust and safety team and marked my ticket as solved… Which it clearly isn’t.

Just checked today and still getting our site served from blacklisted IP about 50% of the time.

I’ve checked everything possible and the choice seems to be live with it or drop CloudFlare… If it’s not been resolved in 9 days then I’d assume it’s not going to be!

It’s completely asinine that Spamhaus punishes innocent domains. It shouldn’t be anybody else’s responsibility to clear your already good reputation. Have you complained to Spamhaus and the people who use that horrid list?

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Spamhaus is unfortunately widely relied on because it does have some good honeypots and scanners against botnets.

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And now with one serious drawback they don’t seem to be interested in fixing, nor do their users, apparently.

As evidenced by a constant series of posts here, there are a lot of false positives. Nobody likes that…except Spamhaus, apparently.

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Can’t miss malware if you flag the entire internet :exploding_head:


What’s worse is their “Sorry, you can’t whitelist your domain by contacting us” approach. For people stuck with a bad host (like all those non-HTTPS folk), there’s no way for them to fix what’s now their email problem. So it’s ok for Spamhaus to make people complain to their host, but won’t allow people to complain to Spamhaus? That’s hypocritical.

This is so infuriating. We spent many hours getting Cloudflare setup and now have to abandon it because Spamhaus put our IP into a block range of suspect IP addresses. Our IP isn’t even suspect, it’s just in a block range with actual suspect ones. We can’t contact Spamhaus and Cloudflare doesn’t respond to requests to resolve the issue.

Cloudflare can’t resolve the issue. They can ask Spamhaus to clear the address or block, and then it’s just temporary. Spamhaus will just reblock it the very next time they get a complaint about it. Why should Cloudflare waste their time on this?

I agree, it’s Spamhaus’s issue and fault. I was hoping for a response from Cloudflare to a workaround or to perhaps try to convince Spamhaus to fix the issue of blocking Cloudflare IP’s when they don’t have anything to do with spam when going through Cloudflare’s Proxy. Or, perhaps make dedicated IP addresses available for purchase.

Out of curiosity, are you on a Free plan? Thinking back, I don’t recall any of my paid plan domains ever showing up on their list. I’ll try to pay more attention in the future. At the moment, none of my domains are on their list.

Yes, we’re on the free plan. We would gladly upgrade to Pro if it could resolve the issue but I don’t think it would.

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