HELP! we don't have user name / login details (Cloudflare Account setup by someone we cannot contact)

Hoping that somebody from cloudflare TECH SUPPORT is able to chime in here:-

we were advised two days ago by our web hosts (siteground) that they moved our site to a new server and we have 7 days to change the A records pointing to them.

we logged into our domain registrar and found that the A records actually pointed to cloudflare (and not siteground).

on further investigation, we discovered that an authorised person who is a 3rd party contractor created an account for us with cloudflare back in 2016, but failed to provide us with the account user name and password.

that 3rd party contractor is proving difficult to contact and we are concerned that if we arent able to access the cloudflare account to change the A records before siteground’s 7 day deadline expires, our site will go offline.

how do we resolve this?

PS - we have now created an account with cloudflare using a company email address which is the same as the domain name - IE [email protected]

PPS - we want our site transferred from whoever currently has it on THEIR cloudflare account to OUR (new) cloudflare account

Hi @stockport, details on how to move the domain to your new account are here,

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