Help! We are in DNS Trouble

We moved our registrar services from Network Solutions to Register dot com and then implemented a new website that recommended we move over to Cloudflare. We did and then subsequently lost all connectivity to our “A” records, “CNAME” and email. We struggled with issues from both the Register dot and Cloudflare sides and was then told to drop Cloudflare and work just with Register dot com. Doing so has now resulted in 6+ days of no-email, no website and no A and CNAME records. We now realize that is not up to the task and are thinking of immediately switching everything over to Cloudflare but don’t know if this will complicate or alleviate our DNS propagation issues. Right now nothing is propagating anywhere with Register dot com

Anyone have any suggestions?

DNS propagation very rarely takes more than 2 days - the providers would have to be extremely badly configured for that to be the case.

Cloudflare’s DNS is as speedy as it gets but you will have to wait for the nameservers on your domain to change to Cloudflare if you decide to swap over to Cloudflare’s DNS.

If you login, can you share a screen shot of your DNS records? Block out any ip address.

KianNH - Thanks for the information and forgot about that initial time to swap that may cause me even more heartache. I have been spoiled with Cloudflare. My past experiences were less than two hours and all was good with the DNS universe.

Hi cloonan and thanks in advance. Here is a copy of the entries. The weird thing is that doing a ping or nslookup yields no results but using a tool like MXToolBox or DNSChecker shows values. Register dot com has been giving us the run around for well over eight hours now.

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Part duex of dns entries at register dot com

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What is the domain in question @james.petrecca?

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Thank you, I see the domain was deleted n 4/27 from a multiuser account of which you are an admin.

I do not see the zone as active nor pending, much less any dns records. Can you login to the dash and +Add a site and add it back? You’ll need to set the nameservers with your registrar, which may already be in process from when the zone was first added.

I was planning on adding the domain back but with the mess that Register dot com made of my the last DNS / nameserver change I was fearful that I was going to mess things up further. My thoughts are that if I add it back, Cloudflare will do their “magic” and get the issue resolved. I was looking for some validation that my assumptions that once we move back to Cloudflare for nameserver services the issues would correct themselves are correct.

+1 to that, it is what normally happens. But from your comments about nslookup results I suspected that there would be no dns records left for us to ingest and you’d need to recreate them manually after adding the site and changing the nameservers.

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I am OK with doing things from scratch if it gets us back online and working. The CEO and CFO want to use me as a pinata after being down for 7 days now. Thank you for the help!

ouch, that never ends well for the pinata. Let us know as you work through this if questions come up. The #tutorial on adding dns records are really good if you have questions along the way. But, do not hesitate to ask if you have questions along the way.

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