Help w/ DNS / redirect please

I’ve set up the domain www. learnwithdanielle. com through GHL and linked it to a funnel.

But, now when typing in the www version into the browser it’s redirected to the non www url and this page comes up… attached. I’ll include the DNS and error page. Where is this going wrong?

We also need both the www and non www to point to the same funnel page - any help is greatly appreciated

Your www record appears to be working correctly. Your apex name has a AAAA record of 100:: which is ideal for use with a Redirect Rule. It needs to be set to :orange: Proxied in order to work, though.

Make sure you have an apex to www Redirect Rule configured, too. You can see one in example two in the Cheat Sheet.

Thank you so much.

I’ve cleared my browsing data multiple times now but am getting the attached error. Any ideas with this?

You do not yet appear to have changed your apex name to :orange:.

It is the second record visible in the screenshot in your first port.

If you have done this already, please include a screenshot indicating that change.

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