HELP! Video and Audio not sync / delay. Blurry on early second

please help. i got problem with video quality
most my video were not sync between video and audio.
and got quality blurry in 1s to 3s even if 720p.
here is the one of the link in my video:
hopefully find any solution for this problem

When I looked at the view, the opening title on black was a little blurry for a few seconds before it fully rendered. After that, the actual footage was crisp and the audio was in sync.

Are you still seeing this issue?

I indeed was seeing that the video (from 0:46) was starting to be not in sync anymore.
Maybe you can provide us with the original video so we can rule out that this was no error of the recording device as this sometimes happens.

Unlikely it gets out of sync by re-encoding or converting.

When something like this happens and you checked yourself the original video and could not find the same issue there please use the “Report playback issue” buton like this:


yes. audio start not sync after 40s-1m.

original video was good. so do i need to report playback in every video and wait for fix, or report each of video that got this issue?

I anyway think it would be good to provide a link to the original video so some people here can check this and maybe find out what it is about.

I think reporting this video would be enough. But you also should open a support ticket and link:

  1. the reported video
  2. the reportlink/id of your report
  3. link to this thread

so the Devs can look into this. I apparently do not know which of the guys are working at this section therefore I can not tag anyone but they will get notified once you reported this video and opened a support ticket.

CC @zaid


here is the link of original video. SBS-S2-L2-What is Qigong.mp4

this issue happen in most of my videos

I cannot reproduce the blurriness but am able to reproduce audio out-of-sync issue. Do you have any other videos that also have this behavior? Would be great if you can email me any other video IDs with this issue (my email is zaid at

so it cannot globally fix the playback?
almost all my video got the audio out-of-sync after few second.
I have around >1000 videos :smiley:
(if it cannot fix globally I will email the IDs)

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