Help verifying domain via DNS for Google Analytics

I’m trying to figure out how to add text record into my DNS config so that Google Analytics can verify my site. Know how to make it so? Thanks!

I am not aware of adding any TXT record regarding Google verification method for Google Analytics in terms of Google Search Console.

Maybe you want to verify your added domain to Google Search Console by adding an TXT record to your domain name DNS at Cloudflare?

More complex, but is the only way to verify a Domain property. If your domain provider is listed in the verification wizard, then this is a simple process. Domain properties are useful because they include data for all protocol (http/https) and subdomain variations of your property.

If yes, kindly see below tutorial how to do it under the DNS tab of Cloudflare Dashboard:

Furthermore, regarding verification method using your Google Analytics, you have to create Google Analytics account, therefore add your domain and create a Web property to gather the Google Analytics tracking code which then you put inside <head>...</head> section of your Website. After that step, you can “connect” and verify by the metod of Google Analytics.

Simple, if the page already has a Google Analytics tracking code for a Google Analytics account that you can access. If the page does not have a tracking code, you must must add one (which may require creating a Google Analytics account if you don’t already have one).

More information about Website ownership and verification methods can be read at the below articles:

Thanks, maybe it’s as simple as adding a TXT record. I just tried that and will give it some time to propagate.
I already have Google Analytics for other domains. Thank you!

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