Help verifying domain for Google Search Console

I manage my domain through Siteground. My website is hosted through an application called kvCORE and the name server points to a cloudflare server. I want to use google search console but it is asking me to verify my site. Since the name servers point to cloudflare I cannot verify through siteground. My site is timoharerealtor dot com. Any thoughts?

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Have you tried the Domain name provider method listed in the Google Search Console Help site?

I recommend creating the record manually in your Cloudflare dashboard DNS app. Granting permission to Google to do it for you can sometimes have unwanted results.

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I’ve tried both. Problem is the domain is under kvCORE’s app within cloudflare so I can’t access that account. If I create the record manually it creates it under my cloudflare account with different name severs. I may not be explaining this well because this is not my expertise.

I think I am following you. It sounds kvCORE does not follow best practices for SaaS and has your domain using their account’s Cloudflare nameservers. The changes need to made in the account that has the nameservers that match the ones in the whois record at your domain registrar.

Ideally they should relinquish the domain to your account and provide you with the relevant settings required for their service. Barring that, you will need to have them add the records since they control your DNS. Their documentation has no details on whether you can administer the zone from within their dashboard.

You may need to have a conversation with their support staff.

Thank you. I knew I wasn’t going crazy and that I’ve been able to do this before on a SaaS offering. I contacted them and they added the TXT record and now everything is fine. Thanks again.

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