Help Urgent re: nameservers

Hi our Nameservers are refusing to hand out records including the MX records so no one knows where to send the email.

The same for CNAME / A records so the browsers don’t know where to send web traffic. So our deliverability on emails is down and on the danger zone.

Please help.

What is the domain? and it’s a redirect to a sales page we have.

Your zone doesn’t seem to have an SOA and the nameservers set aren’t resolving for your domain.

Can you check your 2 nameservers at the bottom of the DNS page…
…are alice and malcolm.

Check you have spelt the domain correctly when adding it to Cloudflare.

If that doesn’t work, try removing the domain from Cloudflare and adding it back again. You may get 2 new nameservers to set at the registrar so watch for that.

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