Help understanding why values are appended to filenames

I am new to using CF and I am trying to determine why values are added to file names.


  1. Goto -
  2. From Menu select Journal Info -> Information for Contributors or Instructions for Authors
  3. Observe that the links have added (fingerprint values?) numbers to the PDF files
    • The file is now (ifa-1539018730483.pdf) and should be (ifa.pdf)

I appreciate any insight or information on this as it might be very simple or “its functioning as designed” could be the other option. Thanks!

Dunno. That site isn’t running through Cloudflare. You’d have to ask them why that is happening.

Agreed, the DNS for that URL doesn’t resolve to a Cloudflare IP, so that behavior is not Cloudflare induced (can’t see how :logo: would do that regardless).

Yes, you all are correct and I did not clarify in my description that the assets to the site are delivered via the URL:

So, the true URL to the PDF is: (


The other option I think is to set the response header Content-Disposition to use: inline; filename=" ". This will hide the appended values from the user.

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