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New to Cloudflare and looking for some help having searched the Web only to be more confused.

Basically, I have a VPS in Germany, works really well for me and I really like the provider. I have set up a new site on the server specifically targetted to the UK only. I keep getting told that for the site to ‘do well’ in the UK in terms of search it has to be hosted in the UK.

I understand that there may be a slight advantage in terms of performance to hosting in the UK vs Germany but I am doubtful the general user will notice.

My main point here is whether location really matters in terms of search engines if the site is behind Cloudflare? It should be fast, it is a .uk domain and is in the English language.

My thought is that search engines would not be able to determine the true location of the server when using Cloudflare so my site actually tells the story of where it should rank, again, .uk domain and so on?

Am I even close to right here or totally wrong?


Not in the least. Search engines don’t care where your site is served from. They only care about content and performance.

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