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I have a domain I just got, and moved to cloudflare nameservers for caching a wordpress site. I successfully migrated the dns, adjusted it for cloudflare, and moved the site’s hosting as well. All seems well.

MY problem is that I have a 302 redirect I cannot figure out or track down, it’s new since the move. my domain is (it’s a must-login-intranet) and it redirects to a /login/ and i need to change that, because the trailing slash is causing issues elsewhere.

The redirect websites say the redirect is coming from cloudflare, but none of my page rules are doing this. those page rules are:

If your domain is proxied by Cloudflare, then everything comes from Cloudflare. Even if that redirect starts on the host, Cloudflare will proxy that 302 response. I’m pretty sure the trailing slash is something that comes from a host.

For example, if I type in , then I get a 301 redirect with a trailing slash. It comes from my WordPress installation, as evidenced by the x-redirect-by header.

ahh. alright. i’ve disabled every plugin in wordpress, but i guess i’ll have to look deeper there. can’t find anything doing this 302.
thanks for the reply.

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As @sdayman says Wordpress will be doing redirecting. If you curl the domain you mentioned in the original post you’ll see 4 levels of redirecting:

curl -k -I -L

I’d recommend looking at Wordpress as I’ve had a similar issue before.


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