Help to set up my domain


I need help to set up my domain… For sure it is very simple for all of you but a headache for me
DESIREDURL: http://my.own.domain

My project is hosted in and its URL is working fine accessing HOSTEDURL

Now I’have my own domain (DESIREDURL) and my DNS names are handled by CF

Where do I have to associate HOSTEDURL to DESIREDURL?
In the registrar page? in the hosting page? in CF?

How? a CNAME? a A name?

I’ve done at my registrar webpage but the links in my.own.domain are showing links explicitly to HOSTEDURL/XXXX and CF has embed my page in a ugly IFRAME

What is wrong?

(sorry for the anonymous links… the project is under construction…)


Not sure if I fully understand what you are asking.

Epizy is Infinity free and they require you to point your nameservers for your domain to them to validate it, you can then add it there and associate it with your epizy subdomain.

You then add the domain in Cloudflare and change the nameservers to the CF provided ones. It is a while since I had anything to do with Epizy but, if I remember correctly, you need a CNAME pointing to your epizy subdomain.


Thank you very much for your response.
I’m sure you understand me… the problem is that I dont undestand where to do things:


in the cPanel of epizy?
or in CF?
or in the REGISTRAR page?

the association of my project in epizy to my domain?
in the cPanel of epizy?
or in CF?
or in the REGISTRAR page?

thank you very very much


Once your nameservers are pointing to Cloudflare:

should be


should be

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