Got this error at domain NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID

What was done?
Cloudflare Diagnostics got a DNS Sec record error. So enabled DNSSEC and DS record but after a day still pending for DS record to complete.

Can someone advise, please?


Seems to be loading fine for me


and at

Maybe check your DNS resolver.

Thanks but error is hidden under Javascript Console. Not sure what to check for at DNS record. The DS record still propagating after about 2 days.

I am afraid that’s a whole different issue and is related to, not to Cloudflare or your domain itself. That’s something you’ll need to debug on your site, which is unfortunately beyond the scope of the forum. You best discuss this at StackExchange or Reddit.

The issue itself is not DNSSEC related and there’s no issue with your domain, Cloudflare’s message is misleading here.

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