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I started on Cloudflare because I need to redirect “” to “”. Then I see that Cloudflare can enhance my website protection and speed.

However I’m not sure if I am doing right so it would be great to provide me with some support.

I have a website hosted on hostinger and also a domain name from hostinger “”.

Currently “” redirect to my hostinger website but I added a CNAME alias to make “” redirect to another website hosted on Pythonanywhere. This Pythonanywhere website is my new website and I want any request to “” or “” redirected to this new website (at “”).

I subscribed a free account from Cloudflare (my website is a small personnal website).
When I created my account I have been asked for my website, I entered “” but Cloudflare automatically renamed it “”, this is worrying me, I’am afraid that any request to “” get redirected to “”, I need it the other way around.

When I check the overview tab, Cloudflare tells me that I need to transfert my server name, I know how to do it. Then what will append ? I know I need to set a rule into the “page rules” tab but what this rule will be ? In order to make any request to my domain-name (“”) redirected to its CNAME aliase (“”) ?

First, make sure your website does not have any redirects right now. None at all.

It’s normal for Cloudflare to refer to your domain without “www.” because that’s how the domain is registered.

Make sure that your DNS page here has entries for as well as and that they are both set to :orange:

Once your domain is added to Cloudflare, add this Page Rule:
Add setting for Forwarding URL (Code 301) to:$1 (or http if you’re not using SSL)

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