Help to explain this image security

Hi team,
i am using managed challenge and i would like to know what’s happening by the look of this image below:-

My question, by the look, does this totally block all annoying bots?

and whats the difference in ip: 2600:1f18:2148:1f00:a2ef:3ba8:eb90:8e65
and ip:

Firewall Rules you created & deployed deployed are triggering. Expand them to see which one(s) by looking at the Expression field.

I personally like to click on the Edit Columns button and add the Path field. That gives me an idea on whether the request was legit or not.

The former ip is IPv6 and the latter is IPv4.

Does it block all bots? We can’t tell from this page. Nothing blocks all bots! You can look at your origin’s server log and see what suspicious requests are getting through and create Firewall rules for them.

If you want Cloudflare to auto-protect you, click on Bots under Security and explore the options. A paid plan has more options than a free one.

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I posted some Firewall rules of my own yesterday at My WAF Firewall rules for Wordpress and static sites

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