Help to change dns record for my domain

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I need to change the dns record for my domain It seems its on the Cloudflare network, though I dont recall ever adding it. I have created an account and tried to add the domain, but I am not sure how to proceed. I contacted the company I registered the domain with and told me to contact you

Its an essential tool for traditional musicians and this outage is affececting tens of thousands of users around the world

Please help!


If you just added the domain, it should have told you which Name Servers to use. Right now, your domain is set to the ken and zara name servers. You’ll have to make the name server change at your registrar.

If you’re still struggling to get the site going again, you can always revert the name servers to the ones recommended by your hosting company. Again, this would have to be set at your registrar.

Thanks for the update! My problem is I dont know who the registrar is. I registered the domain with a company called []( and there is no option to set the ipaddress anywhere. They told me that cloudflare holds the dns record. My azure server started up on ip address and I need []( to point to that. I dont recall ever adding []( to cloudflare but it if you go to []( in browser, it times out and gives

Connection timed out Error code 522

2023-09-10 14:30:25 UTC

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These people should be helping you with that:

If your DNS settings page here shows ken and zara at the bottom, then you can update your DNS Record(s) here to use that IP address.

If you don’t see those two name servers, then you will absolutely have to work with your Registrar to point to name servers you can use.

Someone added it and configured it and it wasn’t the registrar. Who else has access to your registrar account for managing it / DNS? You should check with them. If it’s just you, you should check the email history of accounts you may have used. Or you’ll need to change your nameservers at Cloudflare to a new pair and configure any needed DNS entries to point to the appropriate hosts.

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ANother day and my users still cant access my website. I have contacted webworld, who I registered the domain and they told me you guys have the DNS record for the domain.

There are thousands of users who access tunepal every week and the site has been inaccessible since last week. My inbox is full of users complaining

You are likely to have an inbox full of complaints until you either fix your DNS or hire someone to fix it for you.

Cloudflare cannot change any customer DNS records and has strict guidelines for account recovery that depend on self-service.

The only way you’ll be able to regain access is by having access to the email address of the account.

These links may help, but they only work when logged out

If you know the email:
If you know the email and have 2FA issues:
If you don’t know the email:

If you cannot access the Cloudflare account that has your DNS, you can move it to a new one.

They are the ones 100% responsible for this mess. They set your name servers to some other Cloudflare user’s account. Find out why, and make them fix this.

There is absolutely nothing that can be done from this end until then. Best to direct all your effort toward Webworld for now.

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