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This is showing up and I don’t know how to fix. My emails are coming through as spam on Kajabi and I think it is because of this. Please help!


Do not have a working DNS

MX is for inbound mail. It’s probably something else. Give this test a try:

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I’ve got issues with my emails being marked as suspicious. This is what the google person said. "I see, because normally when you DIG your DNS record using this tool: we should see your “working” DNS. But when I do that to your I don’t see anything.

I need help fixing this



I’m not buying that. I have several domains here with third party email and my email passes with flying colors. Granted I’ve gone a bit overboard with SPF and DMARC, but it’s not because you’re using Cloudflare’s DNS.

What were the results of that email spam test from the link I sent you? (the results has a unique you can share for testing)



I got distracted chatting with her. I’ll try and send one now

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I sent one through Kajabi. Where do I see the results?



If you kept that page open, it had a link for the results. If you closed that page, give it another try. And post the link for those results.

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I know a thing or two about emails, What I know of my discussion with mailgun support is that the domain that is sending email should point to a valid IP and the IP should have a valid rDNS.

With no A record being configured on your domain, there is a strong chance that some spam filter has identified it as a spam domain (due to lack of a valid IP)

Try pointing your domain to an IP address with a valid rDNS and then check spam scores. It should mention which spam black lists you’re listed in. Then visit those blacklists and request delisting.



She’s using Gmail for her domain, so within that setup, her DNS should be spot on. If you’re referring to rDNS for her website’s IP address, that shouldn’t be an issue. I have three domains going through Cloudflare that use two different third-party email hosts and I have no spam problems with them.

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What I see on her DNS screenshot is There’s no A record for the root domain. That can be the potential cause of the problem

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