Help the Noob to Cloudflare

I’ve been searching all over Cloudflare, Youtube and I can not find even on example for a dummy like myself moving from Google Domains to Cloudflare.

Everything works if I go under my DNS Settings and adjust the DNS Records Proxy Status to DNS only but I would really like to utilize Cloudflare correctly by leveraging Proxy Status set to Proxied but when I do that I can no longer access the website. Any help in helping me connect the dots to get a proxied website to work would be very appreciated and I apologize for the dumb question.

Welcome to the Cloudflare Community!

The issue I currently see on your site is endless redirects. This is usually caused by your SSL/TLS Mode being “Flexible” when it should be “Full (Strict)”. You can find this setting in the Cloudflare dashboard, within your website, under SSL/TLS → Overview, or via this magic link: Set it to “Full (Strict)”, and then see.

For more information and causes: ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS · Cloudflare SSL/TLS docs


Thank You Chaika very much… I feel stupid it was as simple as that. Always learning. Thanks again


Of course, no problem!

Please keep in mind as well, the Cloudflare Proxy only supports HTTP/HTTPS applications by default. FTP, Mail Services like pop3, imap, etc, won’t work and need their records to be unproxied (which also exposes your origin’s IP, which may or may not matter to you). You also probably shouldn’t have the _acme-challenge record there unless you are in the middle of verifying a certificate, if it’s something it auto imported, delete.


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